Safety Courses (WINGS) and Advisory Circulars recommended by a CFI

Advisory Circulars



I think it’s very frustrating when study materials do not indicate whether altitude is shown as AGL (Above Ground Level) or MSL (Mean Sea Level). Some things (like cloud ceilings on a METAR) are known/assumed to be AGL and others are the known/assumed to be MSL.

How to know?


I’ll be noting them down for reference as I come across them so I don’t have to keep digging.

are jets on the horizon?

I flew full time professionally for just three years, starting at age 68. Before being hired full time, I had limited contract experience on a Learjet 31 with a local Part 135 outfit in Florida. That flying was intoxicating — my first jet. A first jet can’t be anything but intoxicating. Even in that short time I could see how a full-time career could be challenging, but I wasn’t full time and was able to cherry-pick the good stuff